CSGO Mobile Betting – Wager on Matches and Tournaments with Ease

Mobile eSports betting has become an indispensable part of any type of eSports betting. Bettors continue to seek for a liberating betting experience and tap into their smartphones, with bookies happily obliging. Indeed, the nature of eSports as a whole dictates that mobile betting expands. So, the abundance of CSGO mobile betting today cannot be chalked up to a mere consequence. Instead, it is the logical development of events that have been piling up in pushing forward eSports and eSports betting as a whole. According to Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a market research firm, eSports betting turnover is slated to reach $23 billion by 2020 and mobile betting may be the key driver of this growth.

What Is It Exactly, CSGO Mobile Betting

CSGO was the second most-watched title on Twitch in September

CS:GO was the second most-watched title on Twitch in September

CS:GO mobile betting is not unlike its desktop version. Punters sign up on a bookie and diligently forage for events and odds that satisfy them prior to placing a wager. Mobile betting, as the name suggests, simply allows individuals to do so from any given point via an appropriate device.

With a smartphone or a tablet on the ready and sufficient broadband to communicate wagers to bookies, punters are capable to place wagers on CS GO from any point in the world. What makes CS GO mobile betting particularly lucrative is the reach of the game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive drives significant interest on the part of users. At the same time, first-person shooters are the most popular eSports segment out on the market.

Taking into account these factors,the top eSports bookies have done their absolute best to bang together mobile betting apps that are at least as powerful as their desktop versions and have more nifty little features coming down the road. The popularity of eSports paired with CS GO popularity, make for a thrifty betting market.

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Where the CSGO Mobile Betting Trade is Booming

For the most part, the limelight is hogged by a handful of events that drive the most interest among eSports bookies. This is easy to explain as bookies are only beginning to scout out new markets and the eSports segment is fairly fresh. Nevertheless, as competition between operators intensifies, so do betting options. Punters readily seize those opportunities and swiftly juggle between odds, rooting out the bad ones and plumping heavily for those that are more likely to be profitable. When we talk about different markets in CSGO mobile betting, we mean events of varying size, including:

Viewer numbers at Katowice IEM World Champion skyrocket Viewer numbers at Katowice IEM World Champion skyrocket
  • ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017
  • DreamHack - Denver 2017
  • EPICENTER 2017
  • StarLadder i-League Invitational #2
  • World Electronic Sports Games 2017
  • ESL Pro League Season 6
  • Intel Extreme Masters XII – Oakland

A constellation of events which easily spurs interest among CS GO punters of all stripes. The prize pools are also quite hefty and play no small part in why the venues where these tournaments are held run out of tickets. With bettors and enthusiasts legging it up all over the place to watch their teams, CS GO mobile betting is receiving an extra incentive and eSports bookies are obliging duly.

The IEM World Champion in Katowice this year was a considerable leg-up from last year’s event, with the prize pool allocated to CS:GO reaching $250,000 and total hours watched notching up a 108% growth. Katowice, as popular as it may have been, is hardly the crowning jewel of events.

The ELEAGUE Major held in Boston, Massachusetts sported a hefty prize pool of $1,000,000 with $500,000 going to the winner. The event saw some of the best-established names in CSGO and eSports as a whole, Fnatic, SK Gaming Immortals and Virtus.pro (all of whom have teams across various eSports) vie for the prestigious title and tidy prize pool.

The new iteration of the Intel Extreme Masters is taking places on November 14 through November 19, reuniting 12 teams and having them square it out in Bo1. The playoffs are slated for November 18 and November 19, with the expected prize pool for the event soaring to $300,000. As is the custom of eSports events, the grand finals tend to be exhausting Bo5 action-packed events, which fans are quite enthusiastic about.

So, this is CS GO mobile betting, and tournaments are its markets. In terms of depth, bookies have done a great job casting a far-reaching network to catch as many noteworthy events as possible. Pinpointing the odds about such events tend to be tricky, and bookies oftentimes slip, which confers a significant advantage to punters. With a continued stream of sponsorship, branding, and advertisement, CS GO events will thrive and constitute a steady stream of income for savvy punters, as bookies will make sure to hammer out odds for every substantial and minor event of worth.

On the Road with Your CSGO Mobile Betting App

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One significant aspect of any CS GO mobile betting is the mode of actual betting. For the most part, punters wager on the go. Without access to a desktop computer. What then enables them to aptly handle bets and wager on their favorite game? The answer is the slick smartphone in their hands, which has been equipped with a betting app.

Betting apps are eSports bookies’ great way of addressing an increasing demand among punters for easy wagers. Basically, a betting app is the scaled down version of a bookie’s desktop website. Any betting app will strive to completely emulate the features of the first version and even expand on those. Most importantly, a betting app will allow punters to:

  • Place a wager
  • Track their betting history
  • Livestream events
  • Carry out In-Play betting
  • Deposit and withdraw funds

Now, not all features are exclusive to every betting app out there, but the most-established bookies will certainly offer the full range of functionalities on their apps and most certainly even punch it up a notch by adding features, or rather promotions, that have been specifically tailored for CS GO mobile betting.

For the most part, betting apps will be available on the bookies’ webpage, which will then promptly and gently guide you to either the Google Store or iTunes. Betting apps will run on either iOS or Android and will require punters to download and install those on their devices.

Not all bookies demand that you install an app to carry on with CS GO mobile betting. In fact, all eSports books on the market, which are well worth noticing, will offer a mobile friendly version of their websites, meaning punters can just as easily access their accounts through a smartphone’s browser.

A handful of websites will offer mobile betting without asking you to download/install any additional piece of software but still letting you operate a slightly different betting app. Such offers are definitely well worth looking into and including on your rotation of go-to CS:GO mobile betting bookies.

There is more we would like to share. When punters are choosing a primary betting app for CS GO betting, they should ask themselves why they need an app in the first place. Is it to use features such as live streaming and in-play betting? Is it important for punters to be able to deposit or/and withdraw funds from their accounts? These are all important qualifying criteria for picking one’s main betting app.

CS GO mobile betting, for the most part, has to do with live betting, as punters are most excited and prone to lay wagers when an event is afoot, which given the popularity of the game, is pretty much every day in the year. The good news is that almost all betting apps offer the most sought-after functions today, and those that don’t are moving steadily forward to introducing them.

The Upside of Being Single

The cross-platform experience offered by bookies today is hands down their strongest selling pitch. Perhaps when we mean eSports, having punters bet in one way only would not be healthy for anyone, and numbers would certainly drop. Therefore forging ahead with myriad betting options carried out from handful many devices is truly what helps eSports bookies rivet the attention of those CSGO mobile bettors.

To make it even sweeter, bookies today have their cross hairs set on a multi-channel offering, meaning they will seek to bring their offers in as many iterations as technologically possible. For the most part, multi-channels include:

  • Single customer account across all platforms, allowing users to freely tap into their funds
  • The full range of functionalities available across devices
  • The possibility of real-world venues where punters can walk in and lay wagers. Admittedly, eSports wagers deposited from physical venues are scarce.

Lastly, we have the single wallet, which means punters may use their bankroll freely and safely, regardless of whether they are playing from the mobile or desktop version of the website. Bookies have realized the importance of giving unrestrained access to punters to anything they may recognize as theirs, and admittedly, having two separate wallets for the mobile and desktop version would rightfully be perceived as penny pinching. With viewership steadily on the rise, eSports bookies will have to do their best to provide a stellar CS:GO mobile betting experience.

A Look Over CSGO Mobile Betting – Why It Is Good And Why Less So

CS:GO, mobile betting

When it comes to the upsides of CSGO mobile betting, the undisputable advantage is that you can flick bets from anywhere as soon as you have a reliable Internet connection. Depending on the area in the world, punters may bet either through a mobile betting app or directly through the website, or both.

Mobile betting channels the functionalities of the desktop version, offering the full range of tools, including in-play betting and, on most occasions, live streaming. One would be hard pressed to find a noteworthy bookie that is not doing their best to provide punters with everything they may need to carry out wagers in full.

Punters quickly notice that there is no difference between betting from one’s mobile device and the desktop version and this is precisely what eSports bookies have had in mind when they pioneered mobile betting. There are no irregularities with the mobile version of betting, meaning that if regulators have okayed the bookie, then punters need not worry about operating outside the confines of the law.

And the greatest advantage of it all is that there are no mobile betting fees. Punters may now forage for great CS GO odds 24/7 on their smartphones and tablets without fear of incurring additional charges. The versatility of this type of betting is truly what sets it apart and makes it a preferred way of betting.

The Snag

Speaking of drawbacks, they mostly have to do with one’s personal preferences and if punters are inclined to mash keys and place wagers quickly enough. The rather minute size of smartphone screens may be unpalatable to some punters who are long used to the comforts of big screens. If a punter is not quite-at-home with the process of CSGO mobile betting, we may still advise to revisit whether this is the best way to go, if only for reasons of popularity. Ultimately, the bottom-line-profits are what matter most and punters ought to be able to tell what works best in their case.

More Than A Blip On The Screen, CSGO Mobile Betting Will Grow

It would be difficult to pinpoint the future of eSports and eSports betting as a whole. For all the unknowns, CSGO is slated to remain a staple title in the industry, orbiting close to the top and generating substantial interest on the part of bookies and punters alike.

CS:GO mobile betting, on the other hand, is likely to remain the chief generator of growth in the segment. As the game continues to sell out fully-packed arenas to enthusiasts and risk chancers alike, a growing number of people will switch on their smartphones and flick wagers as the battles unfold in full spate right in front of their eyes.

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