CSGO Betting Tips - What Will Increase Your Chances of Winning

If our experience is anything to go by, exceeding at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is no doddle. It requires that you submerge into a world that is dominated by boisterous youths with a proclivity for articulating their thoughts in a rather more robust language. Oftentimes, these harbingers of some-things-uncivil come under cover of rapid pixelated fire directed the way of the staggering novice. We have found our forte is yet one of the subtleties of the game – CSGO betting tips.

It is a quiet profession, the only killing it involves is the chime of penny wholesomely guzzling out of the nether into your bank account, and on occasion, the rustling of hopefully not-as-thin wads of designated currency. We dispense with the belief that all you need to succeed at CSGO wagering is some sort of finger-crossed begging of the fates. Good advice under you belts is all it takes to be a dab hand at form of chance-taking that already strikes home with a large swathe of players. Punters, heed our CS:GO betting tips!

The Merit of Bookies, Here Are CSGO Betting Tips Worth Noting

How to bet on CS GO

The latticework of CS GO eSportsbooks is no trifle matter nor a flimsy structure. It is intricate, elusive and definitely does not pull one’s punches. Get it right, and you will reap benefits. Hit a snag, and you will see your digital riches evaporate into thin air. We are here to guide you through the choppy seas that have upended many a boatful of apt punters.

Looking through the archipelagos of betting islets, we need to know which ones harbor juicy wagers and steer clear of those that would see punters eaten alive by the inhospitable indigenous tribes. Making sense of eSports bookies offering CS:GO is not easy. It requires due diligence. As far as good advice goes, you will need to spelunk the recesses of the Internet and ensure that your bookie of choice is worth its salt.

Usually you can tell the good ones by dint of how much events they cover, if they dabble with low-tier events, and offer a solid choice of depositing and withdrawal methods. If the bookie has had past brushes with authorities or cribbed punters out of funds, this should raise a red flag that further investigation is required.

Gunned Down: Spoils of War And The Mentality of a Punter

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Betting is not a mere game of chance. It usually succumbs to rational analysis, but for good or for bad, while betting can be steered, it cannot be tethered to clear-cut rules. Knuckle down and prepare to win as well as lose. Most punters tend to be easily dishearten when a losing streak sets in. This is part of the cycle, however, and it need not be an originator of any bad humor if wagering on the outcome of the game is to be turned into a successful venture. Do avoid falling into common rookie traps such as overcompensating by revving up the amount you wager in a vain pursuit of catching up to your losses. Whatever the reason for a losing streak, slimming the size of bets may be a preferred way to act instead to plunking down copious amounts of ill-considered folly.

If you are too antsy about trying with hard currency, swing by one of the many communities which offer wagering with made-believe currencies. Soon you will notice that your wins outpace your losses, and whenever a loss does occur, you would hardly seek to recoup it by splashing out more currency. No, no, and no. Instead, you will remind yourself that this is part of the process and your familiarity with the game will help you catch up on any loss. And this is precisely the mindset you should go along with.

Familiarity Is All Too Fine in the Land Of CSGO Betting Tips

Know your team before betting

Know thy enemy! sounds prescient. Luckily for us, there are no such entities. There is only you and the bookie. Punter versus algorithm. The rustling of air being inhaled against the grunting of rapid number-crunching.

And there is a reason why 90% of all bookies have been turning a much-rued loss. Trying to run a bet analysis is not an easy undertaking. Most industry experts rely on solid data, while we, the punters, actually understand the intimate side of the game. We are familiar with its ins and outs, and have spent more time in the company of the teams we throw our money at than have the number-interpreters trying to best us. For good or for bad, the best punters are familiar with the consummate professionals in the field. They had known them far before sad pros reached their pomp.

Knowledge of the game is usually tantamount to a passion. Without it, scant results, if any, follow. Just perching over raw data would not cut it. You need to put your heart in it and follow the streams and news outlets with vim and vigor. Then again, if it feels like a chore, wagering on Counter-Strike may be an ill-advised decision.

For those of us who trawl the Reddit channel as a daily ritual, tune in to voraciously consume high-paced spectacles, and devotedly follow the twitter feed of an outstanding player, frequenting CSGO match betting sites comes naturally. We do it for the sheer joy and contentment of the process, and we tend to get the better of those venues. At least in 90% of the cases, or so bookies would complain.

The CSGO Betting Guide Book in Bullet Points

We understand this is a lot of information to take in all in one go, so we have decided to launch a salvo of highlights you can skim effortlessly and look as navigation when you feel you need to refresh your knowledge. Here are our rough-and-ready tips to being a tad better at CS:GO betting:

  • Follow past match results – you will need to do that a lot. Harking back into the past may be pesky, but it also helps reveal how to teams fare when they face off to square it all out. For uncanny reasons, top bands are often wowed by burgeoning troops who seem to hold the former’s minds in strange fascination.
  • Go through the maps – most teams have a history with certain maps and others that they simply have agreed to tolerate for the sake of form. Still, chinks in the armor may be the giveaway signals that reveal an imminent loss.
  • Know the format – in light of the former CS GO betting tip, you will also want to be familiar with the format. Whether it is a BO1 or BO5, there is a chance of varying degree. In BO3 for instance, a hamstrung top team may recover from an unexpected blow whereas BO1 offer greater risk when odds are fairly even. BO5 may come after an exhausting slog for either one of the teams, making either one party less alert and therefore less likely to win.
  • Has the team changed – often changes in the roster (recent or continuous) may signal that the team has been trying to work out around some snag, but the introduction of fresh faces requires time for the whole machine to click into slot. Be wary of that.
  • Listen to CS:GO predictors – there is a whole lot of self-styled Cassandras out there who will sagely augur the future with a conviction that either stems from experience in tracking teams and their results, or addled brains. You may find such opinions useful, particularly if they come from established authorities in the gaming community which you will know firsthand because of your frequenting of most CS:GO-related discussions.

Those are just a handful of the most common CS GO betting tips we could easily confide into you. There are more such as betting at a fraction of your bankroll. In addition, we advise you to also consider the overall physical state of the team you are betting on. eSports may be cut down to reflexes and tactical thinking, but a sleep-deprived athlete is of no use to anyone, least of all his or her team.

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Swaying the Odds and Avoiding the Falls – CSGO Betting Predicators to Remember

Odds are the work of analysts hired by bookies to crunch and envisage a future in which the bookie is a winner. However, it is often the case that these analysts attempt the undertaking from the standpoint of someone who is in love with digits. Therefore, the more a team is favored – whether because of merit or cunning – the greater the odds in its favor. In other words, odds reflect what bookies think bettordom will do. And they are not often right.

However, trying to bet against the bookie by that sole criterion may still has its downsides. For instance, how do you know for a fact if an operator is really expecting the public to act in a certain way as opposed to another? You cannot, and therefore due diligence is needed.

You get a name and you ought to be able to tell, out of your career as an avid consumer of all CS GO betting tips, what the general sentiment of the game is. The fortunes of some team rise while the fortune of others drop. Seeing a lumbering giant face of a springy band of gunmen could easily bring in a tidy profit. An underdog could easily be the bearer of great fruit, whereas plumping for an established rival on the wane, may leave punters with a bucketful of shells lying about and betting hopes full of hot lead.

Do Not Wager as There Is No Tomorrow Managing Your Funds

Know your team before betting

There is no shame in starting small. As far as genuine CS GO tips go, this one is particularly handy. Having a small budget would simply mean smaller gains, and potentially – smaller losses. However, a successful strategy would naturally translate into more winnings. There are basically two ways to look at how you go about the whole endeavor – either aggressively or hedging against a foul penning out of events.

Whatever your preferred way of controlling your funds may be, remember to always keep track of your budget, on daily basis. Try to track it throughout the weeks, and potentially, months ahead. See what makes it fluctuate, what sends it plummeting and what swings is it up again. Tease out the subtleties that may be the difference between tap city and riches.

Come Up with CSGO Betting Tips on Your Own

Punters, experience will teach you well. We will outline for you the age-old practices that have been bled and sweat by so many – some more successful than the rest.

The first much-advocated way is to wager both on the underdog and the favorite – if you believe the underdogs stand a good chance of winning. A smaller amount on the less-favored team would yield greater profit, then again a steady win by the favorite will most likely cover for your investment in the underdog.

Naturally, someone who has been at it for a while would suggest that your insights alone should be enough for you to drill down to the bedrock. But those tectonic plates move at speeds that scare the betting geologists.

Adding to overall success, remember what we discussed – finding those bookies worth wagering at. It is no coincidence. There will slight be changes across operators. Perhaps you can cherry pick and plump for the winners as you expect to notch up better yields by wagering all over the place. To this end, having a few dedicated go-to CS GO betting shops is always be healthy.

OK, But What are Odds Exactly, Any CS:GO Betting Tips for That?

Odds, what a quirky beast! When you hit the bookies you ought to know how to read those strange fortune stones. So bookies run with two main types: decimals (5.17), and Implied Probability (40%). Let us have a closer look now:

  • Decimals – Ensure the quickest conversion rate, i.e. you multiply your bet $10 by 5.17 and the yield is $51.7. Tidy.
  • Implied Probability – It is a rough guide that helps punters consider the CS GO betting options. It may fluctuate and change at a rapid clip, so caveat emptor. Calculating the possible return is easy, though: 100/probability odds = 1.81 (yielding decimal odds). Henceforth you move to multiply your stake, $10 by 1.81 and end up with $18.1. Not so bad.

CSGO Betting, Not Quite Done Yet

Burning with passion for the game is definitely the key to any potential positive development. Or let us put it this way – you could as well be squeezing out profit of your hobby rather than beating the dead horse of a chore. Understanding the game in principle and supplementing that knowledge with observing and following the CS GO scene as a pastime could potentially yield greater benefits than the added joy of wagering while spectating. There is no small of luck when it boils down to knowing the right CS:GO betting tips, but an apt punter would know how to minimize the involvement of good ol’ Dame Chance.

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